Thursday, May 22, 2014

Drinking on a Boat

Monday Cartoon Day.

Back when Jon Barli was working on his excellent book on the cartoonist Virgil Partch for Fantagraphics, we agreed to share research. I had a lot of stuff on VIP, hoping to so my own book one day. But Jon was much further along than I had and he had the approval of the family, so I sent him everything I had. And since my interest was more into his early years he could use a lot of it. Not that I am taking in any way credit, because he produced a great book and would have without me as well. Anyway... he sent me a lot of his leftover material as well. Making a book is making choices and a lot of great stuff got left out. Here are some of the ads VIP did in the fifties, most of them using his two main subjects: bars and boats.

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