Sunday, May 04, 2014

Romancing The New

Sunday Meskin Measures.

In adition to last weeks Meskin finds in two Standard Romance titles, Jim Vandeboncoeur (who has a recommendable kickstart campaign going for Images #13, his magaine about early nineteenthcentury illustration at: gives this two parter also to Meskin (with George Roussos). I have always found it hard to distingishe the one's contrbution to the other's work, but lately I have come to the conclusion that if the faces are badly done, it is Roussos. George Roussos may have been a remarkable inker and even colorist (later in his life), but whenever he is inking himself the work suffers - even the inking. To put it the other way around, when he is inking Meskin his work gets better. Not that he was such a bad artist (tehre are far far worse) but Mort Meskin was such a good storyteller that it immediately shows if he wasn't involved at that level.

So where does this story fall? I am inclined to disagree with Jim here and say this is solo Roussos. Not that is is done badly, but Meskin would have done a lot better. There are some Meskin touches, but they are all on the surface as far as I am concerned and therefor they can be trick Roussos picked up from his friend an regular collaborator.

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