Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mum Knows Best

I have set up my new scanner and computer set-up and I am trying out the different possibillities now. I hav enot yet been able to set op teh Page Manager program I want to use (for some reason the program and the scanner don't want to connect) but I can scan through a back passage in the driver settings in the System Preferences. I have started with a few older Mr. Mum pages but I am looking forward to scanning wholescale again.


The Seditionist said...

Ger, if you're running a Mac, you can scan with the Image Capture app that comes with the OS. My iMac *hates* my scanner's own driver; they don't play nicely at all. Only problem I've had with IC is a memory issue solved with an upgraded hard drive.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

For now the software of the (Epson) scanner itself seems to be running well. I cab only access and control it i I choose 'select scanner' in my preferences window. I also have an Epson Scanner panel but that is rubbish and I gor Pagemaker with the package but no instruction on how to get it to use the 'event manager' so it can actually connect to teh scanner. I may try the Image Capture tool as well. Funny thing is, I have chosen this printer/scanner because I wanted one that has a descreening button. y last scanner didn't and several of the magaine I work for have complained about moire effects. But now that I have it, I hve chosen to leave it off after the first few tries. It use a blur function to make sur the dots in the color printing don't interfere, but blurring those dots with the brownisg paper actually makes the colors a bit muddy. If I sdon't descreen, I can remove the paper color and be left with a much fresher scan. And if anyone wants to blur that, they can go ahead.