Sunday, June 29, 2014

Scout's Horror

Saturday Leftover Day.

Among thee new scans I have been making, is one of the Stan Lee/Al Hartley version of Mrs/ Lyon's Cubs, by then sometimes also known as Cub Scouts. This strip wa set up by Stan Lee and Joe Maneely to sell to smal any city that has cub scouts. Stan Lee tried to allign himself with the American Scouting association and although that seemed to go well, it did not result in a huge amount of papers. Still, there wa enough to start running. Then, after a couple of months Joe Maneely died and the strip was taken over by Al Hartley. Although Hartley was a prett good artist in his own right, he (and Lee, I guess) dcided t dumb down the strip and concentrate more on the kids and less on the parent's home life. With that and the beautiful Joe Maneely art gone the strip died a quick and early dead.

I have found a lot of background correcspondence on this strip and would love to feature it in an article, but sadly I have never seen actual printed Sunday art from either the Maneely or teh Hartley version. There are a couple of Sunday originals going around (most of them ending up with Joe Maneely expert Michael Vassello) and they show that that is where the srip was at it's best. So to find a sigle Hartley Sunday was a big thing... no for the other forty or fifty to turn up.

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