Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Gentry Summer

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Recently I aquired a huge selection os early Bruce Gentry strips by Ray Bailey. My love for this artist is known and I am not alone there. Not ony are these posts well visited, but it is also getting harder each year to get teasheets on ebay or at sellers, because I am no longer the only one buying them. If you are one of these collectors and you can provide me with scnas, I will trade whatever I have scanned in for news ones -or you could donate scans directly.

I was hesitating about sowing all of those pages here, because they are a huge part of the book I am trying to sell about all the Milt Caniff assistants and imitators. Stil, there are more than enough stories to choose from, so I will start with these early ones and we'll see. And by the way, if I ever do a book, I wil need the dailies as well since Bruce Gentry was one of those strips that had a continuing storyline from the Sundays to the week.

It is also my holiday offering. For the next two weeks I want something easy, so I ma doing a page a day. You can visit daily or drop by every now and then to follow the story. I do not have every Sunday for 1945, but I am getting close.

We start with a couple of black and white ones, to get into the story.

And my first color page.


jhegenbe said...

I found a pretty good run of Bruce Gentry in Beaver Valley Times on GoogleNews:

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Inthink I found that too. Unfortunately these online sources are okay for my blog, but wil never do for a reprint. Thanks for the Jack Benny link, too :-)

jhegenbe said...

Sorry, wrong link, doh!