Thursday, August 21, 2014

British Screwball

Friday Comic Book Day.

Recently, I discovered a couple of British humor pages featuring the famous movie comedian Terry-Thomas. Delightfull stuff, which was published in the Film Funweekly in the beginning of the sixties. When I looked some more, I turned out that there was this whole school of British humor strips featuring movie and radio comedians such as Terry-Thomas, Norman Wisdom, Bruce Forsythe, Syd James and Tony Hancock. I went online and ordered me some. Hre are the first results, a series of Benny Hill comic pages from Radio Fun (even though he was already doing an early version of his Benny Hill TV Show for te BBC). The artist could be Reg Barlett (who also drew Billy Bunter for a while), but I'll have to check that.

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Alex van Koten said...

It sure is Reg Parlett Ger. I can recommend the Comic Art of Reg Parlett, 60 years of Comics by Alan Clark as well his book about Roy Wilson.