Thursday, August 28, 2014

Honey, I'm At Work!

Thursday Comic Strip Day.

I haven't shown a lot of Hi and Lois lately, but I have been clipping and scanning. The later period is not my favorite. I like the strip best when it was still a sort of Mary Tyler Moore show, about work and family. Still, here you can see the progress of the strip - and of Dik Browne's always amazing art style.


rodineisilveira said...

Ger Apeldoorn,

In the 70s, more exactly from 1973 to on, Dik Browne would be shared between two strips which were produced by him: Hi & Lois and Hagar The Horrible (which was created by him in 1973). Both are distributed by King Features for the newspapers from the whole world.

Richard Ranke said...

Seeing a lot of these old Hi and Lois strips makes me wonder when they'll have a hardcover reprint series like Beetle Bailey.