Friday, October 17, 2014


Monday Cartoon Day.

This weekend the Belgian Comic Center celebrated it's 25th aniversary. This great museum is one of the places not to miss when you are in Brussels. To celebrate the aniversary, they created several new permanent exhibitions (including one on Smurfs creator Peyo) and asked cartoonist Pieter de Poortere to illustrate their cartoon theatre. He also did an oveview of the museum in his own style. You can see that he does this sort of thing regularely, usually taking more than a week to compose them (I know, I asked him once to do one). How many of your favorites do you recognize?

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tim557188 said...

I assumed it had been there for much longer - I visited it when in Brussels - in 1989. Guess they'd only just opened. They had an exhibition celebrating 60 years of Tintin...