Thursday, October 02, 2014


Wednesday Advertising Day.

Of all the Milt Caniff imitators Lee Elias is one of the most interestng. He is ften said to have been an ex-assistant of Milt Caniff while in fact he never realy was. he worked as an assistant ot Caniff's succesor on Terry and the Pirates when it was still very Caniff-like in the late forties and he worked on the Terry and the Pirates comic book, which were filled with Caniff's material and included some new filler stories by Elias. And of course, his own science fiction srip Beyond mars lookd like Tery and the Pirates in space. But he also worked on Black Cat and drew romance, war and horror covers and stories for Harvey, moved to DC in the late fifties to draw a whole slew of fantasy stories as well as some of their second tier series (Green Arrow, Tommy Tomorrow), only to reinvent himself as a brutally realistic artist on The Rook for Warren magazines. In between ll that he did a couple of comic ad seres as well, incluing this one, which seems as if it is reformated from a enwspaper ad but I have only ever seen it in comic books.

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