Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wiseman, Say!

Monday Cartoon Day.

Some time ago I showed a couple of cartoons by Al Wiseman from the pocket gag magazine Zowie. Al Wiseman is mostly know for drawing the Dennis the Menace Sunday pages and comic books for most of the fifties in a style undistiguishable from that of Dennis creator Hank Ketcham. These rare cartoons give us a look at his personal style before he took on Dennis. At the time I noticed how much less cartoons Wiseman sold than Ketcham (and most of them not signed either). Since then I found that he did contribute regularely to Charly Jones' Laugh Book a monthly gag magazine with less emphasis on half nakes ladies and saucy gags than others. He drew mastheads for features, illustrated articles and even did a series of cartoons of pretty ladies you could order. He also drew covers, which he did sign. Here is a look at the forgotten work of a mostly forgotten master.

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