Sunday, November 16, 2014

Io Sono Quello Che Sono

Friday Comic Book Day.

Draery weather out here. Time for some Italian levity by Benito Jacovitti. Did you know he developed his trademark style from his love of Popeye's Elsie Segar?


Rocco Nigro said...


Diego Cordoba said...

Probably my favorite cartoonist of all time! This is Kurtzman's MAD at the power of 100: funny dialogs with loads of puns, chicken fat on most panels (he even signed his name by drawing a fishbone, and let's not forget the salamis with legs).

It's said he didn't pencil his drawings, used only pen and ink, and drew panel after panel, without any previous notion as to where it would take him. He created 100's of characters, all more absurd that the next one. The character here is a gangster who can never get things right (or wrong, as he's supposed to be bad but never gets his jobs done correctly).

I'll end by saying that it's best appreciated if read in its original italian or javottitalian language, as I believe it impossible to translate (which might explain why no one has seen this in english). About the only work of his that could be published in english would by his Kama-sutra, mainly because it consists only of drawings (and it didn't fare well with his previous catholic editors/publishers who believed his work was only aimed at children).