Saturday, November 01, 2014

Little Rusty

Saturday Leftover Day.

Frank Godwin was a well know illustrator before he took to comics with Rusty Riley. I was never a big fan of this strip because although it is beautifully drawn, boys and horses aren't really my thing. In the early forties he did lots of illustrations for LIberty magazine's book condensations that really stand out for me. Fine line illustration work that really gets the attention and printing it needs. Here's one. Ys, that is hiw much he did for just one condensation. And there are many more where those came from.

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Diego Cordoba said...

Godwin was a great illustrator who only did comics because the illustration field was saturated. His Rusty Riley stories aren't that bad, and though I previously preferred Connie, after reading the Rusty Riley's I actually prefer them now. Pity Charles Pelto didn't reprint the Sundays because he didn't have material of good quality (and the dailies he did reprint vary in quality).

The illustrations Godwin did for Treasure Island are simply incredible!