Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Matt Art

Monday Illustration Day.

Like many of his contemporaries, African-American comic book artist Matt Baker made a move to other types of jobs. The comic industry was growing smaller every month and jobs were harder to come by and paid less and less. Always a great illustrator, he tried his hand at magazine illustration. He was lucky in the fact that the publisher for whom he did the most of his comic book work, also had a sideline in magazines. And although I do not know if Baker's first magazine illustrations appeared in St. John magazines, he did do a lot of them, both for Nugget (a Playboy wannabe) and Manhunt (an Ellery Queen Alfred Hitchcock digest magazine wannabe).specially Manhunt is a rare treat. For the first few issues he did an opening illustration for every story. A couple of years ago I shared everything I had from #2. Here are the 12 illustrations he did for #3.

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