Saturday, November 08, 2014

Off Color

Saturday Leftover Day.

In 1946 and 1947 Dik Brone drew a two-weekly ad series for Powerhouse candy bars called Roger Wilco (most of which I have shown in some for, although I did find a couple of new color ones I have included). It probably was his first work for the Johnstone and Cushing company and I always thought that it showed a similarity to his most well known work before that: designing the Chicita Lady for the famous banana brand. On the other hand, I was never really sure if he did originate the Roger Wilco series and the characters. Last week, I came across a once a week series of daily strips of Roger Wilco and Powerhouse (which ran from March to December). The are in the same style, but look less like the work of Browne. Also, they are not signed (as the later Sunday samples sometimes were). It is an impressive run of strips, most of which I managed to pull from a micro-fiche site. But are they by Dik Browne? If they are, they show an even earlier fase of his art style. But somehow I don't think they are.

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