Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Crime Quicky

Sunday Meskin Measures.

This week's Mort Meskin story from Headline #69 is one of the more run of the mill kind. Without a Mort Meskin signature this is probably one of those that were inked by George Roussos, but there are none of the blacked-out areas that signifie Roussos heavy-handed influence. For all I know, this may just be one of the less inspired Meskin jobs. Proving that he could be just as exciting if he was less inspired or rushed. In fact, it seems to me that apart from the sometimes sloppy inking, most of the percieved dullness of this story comes from the isipid color scheme. I wonder s there is anyone out there who ants to try and see if page from this story wouldn't seem more brilliant if they were not clorored using those dark blues, brownish reds and muddy greens. As someone once told me with Gene Colan, it may be harder to do these days than in the old days becaue the open linework menas that you probaby won't be able to color this on any computer without creating masks...

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