Thursday, December 25, 2014

Straight Shootin'

Thursday Arrow Day 1.

A couple of years ago I showed all pages from a special newspaper section I ha called The Arrow. It was produced completely by Loyd Lacquet and Walter Gibson, with Gibson apparently writing most of the strips (though only signing one). As I said then, Alan Holtz was preparing an article about this elusive section for Hogan's Alley. As far as I can see, the article has not yet appeared. One reason may be that it has been hard for Allan to get a complete set of 'issues'.

Recently I came across a site that had microfiche copies of the prepepared weekly, from a New York area newspaper. Since some of the strips are numbered I am sure I have the frst one. By that reckoning the fifth one is missing (but just happens to be the one I have in color) and the whole things stops after eight issues, one week short of Christmas. If tere were more in other papers i Dont' know. But over the next few days I will share what I have, for Alan Holtz, for walter Gibson fans everywhere and for those of you who want to see a continuation of Bruce Gentry two years after the fact by a completely different team.

I left out Debbie Dean because I don't care for it. But that seems silly now, so I may have to ad at a later stage.

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Allan Holtz said...

Hi Ger --
Thanks for sharing these. I have Arrow starting the week of September 7, which puts these well into the run. Where do you see that #1 you mentioned on them? And where's the masthead? And do you care to divulge the name of the paper in which these were found?