Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Schoolboy Pranks

Dedication Week.

In memory of Cabu, one of the French Charlie-Hebdo cartoonists that got killed last week, I am presenting some of his earliest work for Pilote on my blog. His main character was called Duduche, a school boy with a rebellious streak.


Diego Cordoba said...

Wolinski, another of the cartoonists shot last week, also worked in comics. He was editor of Charlie when it was a monthly comics magazine (and similar to Linus in Italy) and created the comic series Paulette with Georges Pichard

Ger Apeldoorn said...

And he worked for L'Echo des Savannes and probably Fluide Glacial as well. Unfortunately, I have no samples of either of those. I have a couple of issues of Charlie when it was still a comics reprint series, like Linus. Never knew he was the editor.

Diego Cordoba said...

Yes, he was the one who got Guido Buzzeli, among others, published in France for the first time.

Also Charb and Tignous did comic series for Fluide Glacial. It isn't rare for French cartoonists to also work as comic book artists, as you stated.