Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hold That Panel!

Sunday Meskin Measures.

After a week of silence I have a double treat from Headline #73, dated September 1955. A complete and signed Mort Meskin story. Lots of great elements here, showing Mort Meskin's mastering of the form.

But first as a bonus a story from the same issue that is identified by Jim Vandeboncvoeur as probably having Paul Gustavson art - which has a two panel redo by Meskin halfway through. My guess is, the deleted panels were too violent and replaced with something more harmless to fit under the newly adapted comics code (which started around March/May that year.  Since the new art was in color, this was not a last minute job (I have seen comics, where images were blacked out or replaced by new ones that were in black and white because there was not time to redo the color plates. This seems to have been done before the color was done, so maybe even before the code people saw it.

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