Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Monday Cartoon Day.

Last week I showed an 'educational' advertising series by Ralph Stein. Today I ave a imilar series from a year later by Dick Shaw. Again, they were done for te ravelers Society Service and offered to small town newspapers, probably for free. They did not have a set publication date, so I can't say how many there were. These are the eight I could find. After that I have some of Dick Show's cartoons for Colliers', some for other magazines and even a magazine illustration I scanned form an issue of Liberty.

Dick Shaw was a contemporary of Virgil Partch, Hank Ketcham and Sam Cobean (and partied with them on many occasions). Like them, he started out in advertising, before deciding during or shortly after the war to go his own way as a free-lancer. Never one of the best seller, he was a pretty good artist and I wonder why he never got a newspaper series of his own. I scanned and clipped his stuf whenever I come across is and I believe he deserves a better reputation.

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