Thursday, February 19, 2015

Polly Was A Cracker

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

If there is one cartoonist I would love to read a well researched bio about, it's Cliff Sterrett. Eventhough his strip Polly and her Pals was never a major hit with the wider audience, the three to four years het did betwen 1920 and 1924 have always impressed the fans and connaisseurs. But the strip existed years before that and ran way after (starting in 1912 and ending in 1958). How come such a remarkable strip in it's early years could become so unremarkable and commonplace in later years and still run for so long. Was it Sterrett who dropped the ball, or was his influence so big that he outlived his own style? Anyway, the selective interest in his work means that his early and later years are rarely seen. So here is an early Sunday I scanned and some of the later dailies from the forties (when Sterrett may not even have done them himself).

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