Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Army Sense

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

A couple of weeks ago I showed some Sundays of the early forties Draftie strip by Paul Fogerty. This surprisingly witty and modern drawn soldier strip was a typical product of the forties, a breath of fresh air between all the strips that were aimed at kids. I never really found out who Pual Fogarty was or what he did before or after this. To further the mystery, from 194 on the strip was drawn by Bill Juhre in a very similar style. Juhre had drawn the daily Tarzan strip in it's first incarnation in 1936 after rex Mason quit the job. According to the Dutch Lambiek Comiclopedia he took over Draftie from the original artist Loren Wiley in 1941, which would make Paul Fogarty the writer rather than an artist. In the late forties he did a strip called The Orbits, which I will show more fully some other day. A very competent artist, I can find very little else about him. The Stripper's guide has a couple of color samples here: http://strippersguide.blogspot.nl/2009/12/obscurity-of-day-orbits.html. You can also find more on Juhre there, such as the fact that the Orbits ran from somewhere in 1946 (maybe ever following the demise of Lem and Oinie, the second name of Draftie) to as late as 1953! As well as a comment by myself about yet another obscure Juhre fact: "There was a Bill Juhre working with Mort Walker as staff artist on the Missouri Showme in 1949. Does anyone know if he was related to this Bill Juhre?" Unfortunately that question has not yet been answered. As of yet Paul Fogarty remains unknown.

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