Friday, March 27, 2015

The Americans Are Coming!

Friday Comic Book Day.

The British weekly has a rich history, all the way back to the twenties.Featuring comic stories about movie heroes (mostly comedians) in a classic British style, it ran from 1920 to 1962. In the forties and fifties, most issues I have seen have Laurel and Hardy on the cover, often with text underneath the pictures, not a very inviting look. Coincidentally Steven Thompson has put some of those on his blog ( with the very just comment that they are just UNfunny.

In the fifties more and more current comedians were added. many of those were from the British scene. I have shown all of my Benny Hill strips and will show others later, but here are the American comedians in my small collection. Quite funny and very well drawn, my guess is that they are nog known among American collectors.

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