Monday, March 30, 2015

X-rated Humor

Monday Cartoon Day.

Somewhere in the late nineties I met Kyle Baker at a London Comic Convention. I was already a great admirer of his work on The Shadow, a well written series that is now sadly forgotten. And this was before he went on to do several groundbreaking urban novels. He was defenitively a New Yorker, with a sharp sense of humor. He had even tried his hand at stand-up, I believe and from what I could see aboyt the way he handled the crowd, that was clear. He amended his income with ink work of shall I saw, a dubious quality. Like Vince Coletta before him , he was often caled in to reach deadlines when in fact they were already long gone. In taht way, he was very similar to Bill Sienkiewicz, whose work also veers from the brilliant to the hastily executed. For a short time, he showed his humor and his stylistic chops on a series of cartoons fro Marvels inhouse/outhouse trade comic. I still have a complete series lying around somewhere upstairs. Too lazy to scan them myself, I got these from some online source. But I really should go up and complete the set.

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