Monday, April 13, 2015

Boltinoff For Ya

Monday cartoon Day.

Before Henry Boltinoff achieved fame as DC's number one comedy filler artist, he had a succeful career as a cartoonist for over 15 years. Of course the careers overlapped. He worked for DC as early as 1945 (even doing a cover worthy strip called Dover and Clover for More Fun) and he continued selling cartoons to all sorts of magazines (though usually not the bawdier oens) well into the sixties. Still, his earlier cartoon style usually looks a bit weird for those who are used to his rounder and friendlier forms in the sixties.

I have a lot of those early Boltinoff cartoons, but they usually are in magazines where I have to scan more than just his work, so it is going slow, one cartoon at the time. That's why I was glad to come across two two page features in King Features' newspaper supplement Pictorial Review with his work from the mid forties. I also remembered I had another full page from Parade ten years later which even included a photo of the man. Here they are, with one more single Pictorial Review cartoon from two decades later and a newspaper cartoon from 1949. Now that I am typing this, I remember he also had full page features in the late forties version of Judge, which I should add.

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