Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Elementro, Dear Watso

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Gus Mager's most famous creation, Sherlocko the Monk was a satirical animal strip, with monkey playing the parts of humans. It started in 1904 and was a huge success. In the early teens, he humanized his characters and changed the name of the strip to Hawkshaw the Detective. I did not know that this humanized form had existed so early. Mager went on to become the assistant to Rudoolph Dirks' Captain and the Kids. In the thirsties Hawkshaw resufaced as a topper to The Kids and it is in that form I know him. This large topper )often two whole tiers, almost half a page) was sometimes even used seperately from the mother page, especially in the forties, when whole pages were less in vogue. I will be showing some of these later strips soon, but here is what I had in my own collection from the early years.

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