Saturday, April 18, 2015

Old Time Dedication

Friday Comic Book Day.

After showing Alex Kotzky's art in the sixties and seventies, here is some astonishing ork he did for Ziff/Davis in the early fifties. And look at that coloring. That is how comics should be done.


Doccomix said...

Hi Ger! Great story, but I don't think it's Ross Andru. I don't see any of the Andru "tells" I expect, such as some stiff and slightly awkward panels. Matter of fact, the Four-Color Shadows site reprinted the story a few years ago and credited to Alex Kotzky, which seems much more likely.
Michael T. Gilbert

Ger Apeldoorn said...

You are right, Michael. I had put this aside when I did the Apartment 3G stuff. I had also put aside some Andru and confused the two. I corrected it immediately. Nice safe!