Monday, April 06, 2015

Zwei Stein

Friday Comic Book Day.

The Snortville Sneeze was a comedy filler in some of Fawcetts titles in the late forties. When it first appeared it was drawn by an artist called Harry Lazerus, about whom I know very little. Many of the later unsigned and uncredited pages seemed to me to be by an artist that I know better... Timely and Supermouse artist Marvin Stein. When I looked on his Who's Who page, I saw the series credited, although no mention is made of it on the Grand Comics Datebase. I ttried to get all of them, but that was harder than it looked. I guess all in all, he may have done about thirty pages worth of one, to and four pagers. Too little for a book, although my guess is that a Stein book would find a lot of fans. His style has a timeless retro look that gets discovered by new fans every decade.

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Mark Mayerson said...

Shouldn't that be Milt Stein, not Marvin? I think Marvin was an artist in the Simon and Kirby shop, not the Supermouse artist.