Monday, May 11, 2015

Hats Off

Monday Cartoon Day.

In the Sergio Aragonès comic book series he did autobiographical strips as well. One of his illustrated anecdotes (for that is what they were) he told the story of how he had imagined a new newspaper feature about people who go to hell to get what they deserved in life, He almost sold it too, until someone told him that Jimmy Hatlo had done exactly the same thing as part of his They'll Do It Every Time, called The Hatlo Inferno. Not nearly as famous or popular as his Hatlo's History, I showed a couple of samples a few years back. Since then I ran across another one and found one in black and white online. But the best find was a series of very early Hatlo cartoons from the thirties. This was way before he started They'll Do it and you have to struggle to see his style, but they are just as funny.

I realized that the new color scan I had could give me a lead to some online black and white ones and indeed. Here are some I found from further along in 1957.

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