Thursday, June 25, 2015

Neandering Along

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Every couple of month I gather all my B.C.'s and share them with you. Still one of my favorite comic strips ever. The gags, the characters, the animation. It's a shame this classic isn't collected the way it derserves. At least here you can click and read them out of order. Doesn't matter, though. The first ten years I show here are all equally good. In fact, even though I don't often scan later samples, when I see them it always surprises me how good the strip remained into the nineties. Especially the Sundays. When the dailies were losing their graphic superiority, evolving more and more into a series of non moving verbal sarcastic gags, the Sundays always remained graphicly interesting. Fans of cartooning and animation should be able to study them.

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Peter Gray said...

Liked the tennis obe best ;)