Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Denmark Connection

Friday Comic Book Day.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned on my Facebook page that I had written stories for the Dutch Disney comic weekly Donald Duck twice in my career. When I started out as a writer (and before I went to television) in the early eighties and once more when I was asked to return in 2006. Both times it was only for a short period before other work took over. The first time I had bought the magazines when they came out, but I seemed to have missed a few. The second time I did not know when my stories would appear and my kids were not young enough for me to buy the magazine every week. But when I mentioned this, editor Bas Schuddeboom had a look and sent me copies of all the issues with my recent stories and a couple of the older ones. Unfortunately, I have not been able to extract the Chip an' Dale stories I did in the second run (which is a pity, because they worked out really well), but he did include a 1984 story by Denmark/Dutch animator and sometimes duck artist Borge Rong. Borge is now over ninety and veruy active on Facebook, so he reacted immediately. It is for him and for my fans everywhere (all three of them) that I am sharing the second (and longest story) he did from my scripts. It is full of animation and you can probably follow it even though it is in Dutch.

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