Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Ginch Who Stole Nothing

Friday Comic Book Day.

In Alter Ego #133 an early collaboration betwen Jim Mooney and Stan Lee is mentioned. On page 10 Roy Thomas shows the splash pages of the Ginch stories from Terry-Toon Comics #11 and #12. Unfortunately, I could not get my hands on those two, but I did find one just before and one just after that. I am not an expert on the style of Jim Mooney (especially not when he was doing something as atypical as a funny animal story) and the story in #11 is signed 'story by Stan Lee' so I don't know if either of them was involved in thse two stories from #9 and #31. But Pvt. Stan Lee was mentioned as a consulting editor on both these issues, so who knows what that means.

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