Friday, June 19, 2015


Wednesday Advertising Day.

My friend Mike Vassallo (Doc) is going through his colection of New York News Sunday papers. He has a complete collection that he has been saving from the late sixties. I have a whole stack of them I bought three at the time from an ebay seller. My collection is incomplete and covers 1968-1978. The main reason I bought them is to get Jerry Robinson's Flubs and Fluffs, but there are quite a few surprises along the way. It turns out that Friday Foster was in there as well, so I will end up with an incomplete but pretty extensive run of those. Another of my favorites, Laugh-In by Roy Doty is in there as well. Reamer Keller's gag page was a semi regular and I have already collected a few of those. And there were other surprises, such as a filler strip by later Boner's Ark and (I believe) Hi and Lois artist Frank Johnson.

Scanning takes a lot of time, of course. I am currently up to 1970, where I came across two full page ads by Alex Toth for the Mattell Hot Wheels car toy series. At that time, Toth also did a short running comic book series with the same title, which is seen by a lot of Toth fans as the best of his later work. The two ads I have seen so far were not unknown. There seemed to be four of them, which are shown on Alison Simpson's post about the comic book series: (who seems to have taken them from the unmissable Toth fans site: Unfortunately, they are quite small, so I scanned my own and hoped to get the missing dates some other way. Today, Doc surprised us on Facebook with the episode, from July 19, 1970 (the sixth birthday of my brother, Bert). Here are all five, two scans of my own, one from Toth Fans and one from Doc. And there may be more out there!

For more on these News paper section I direct you to Mike's excellent blog: Not only can you find an exhaustive (and lavishly illustrated) history of this section from the sixties onward, but if you click along a bit further, you get all of his essays on the Timely Atlas comics and artists of the forties and fifties as well.

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