Tuesday, June 09, 2015

You Are Not Malone

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Eventhough it is not yet announced on the Classic Comics Press website I understand Charles Pelto is looking into the possibillity of publishing a complete collection of Bob Lubbers' Robin Malone. I am very much looking forward to that. I like every newspaper strip Lubbers has done (his comic book work less so), from Tarzan in the late forties and early fifties through his major opus Long Sam to his ben day filled daily Secret Agent X-9 in the early sixties, with his ghost work on The Heart of Juliet Jones and The Saint in between. After all of that he seems to have done some work for Al Capp's Li'll Abner in the sixties which I have never particulary looked out for and then suddenly Robin Malone appeared, as a fifties quality throwback in the late sixties. Strangely enough, this is a strip from which I have seen more Sundays than dailies, particulary due to the attention my internet friend Joachim has given to this strip (and it's beautiful coloring) at his blog Sekvenkunst. I hope Charles will get it all togethr soon and urge you to buy his wonderfully prepared collections of other strips at his site: http://www.classiccomicspress.com/collections/all

Three scans are all I have, the fourth is from an ebay seller, who scanned it quite clearly.

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Unknown said...

Thanks, Ger. I thank you for this site. Though I have tried for a long time, I don't think you realize how grateful I am for this site. Perhaps I am too subtle. I read it religiously and have learned so much about a subject I have always loved. Thanks!