Friday, July 03, 2015

Pretty Pappy

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Over the last few years I have been showing some of Bud Sagendorf's early Popeye Sunays. They are a forgotten gem, displaying all of his qualities at a time when newspaper strips were still given the room they need. In August of 1959 Bud Sagendorf took over the daily strip from Ralph Stein (co-signed by Bill Zaboly, who was supposed to have written it - although I am not sure if he actually did at that point). He immediately drops all of the Stein-introduced new characters and returns to the old favorites, starting with Popaye's dad.

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Richard Ranke said...

Thank you so much for printing(although slightly mixed-up)the first Sagendorf daily Popeye story from 1959. I saw a few strips in Sagendorf's 50th Anniversary Popeye trade paperback and have longed to see a fuller version. Slightly ironic that the year Bud Sagendorf started the Popeye comic strip was the same year I read my first Popeye comic book,also done by Sagendorf.