Thursday, July 30, 2015

War Is Hell (But Necessary) 12

Chapter 12

Newspapers started reporting the terrible things the American soldiers saw and had to do in Korea.


Diego Cordoba said...

In an earlier entry to the work of Russ Heath, I mentioned that he didn't think much of his work for Atlas. I was referring to his horror work, which he never was fond of. However, he seems to have poured his heart and soul into these war stories.

It's funny that Kurtzman didn't use him more (I don't remember if he did any war stories for EC; and the work he did for MAD, on the Plastic Man parody, though following Kurtzman's roughs to the dot, wasn't his best effort).

The splash page on the second page is absolutely great (you've already shown this one before)!

This has been one of the most interesting entries (not to say the others are bad, they're just as good, but this has been a real eye-opener on a writer I didn't know anything about).

Ger Apeldoorn said...

When I met with Mr. Heath a couple of years ago, I asked him why he didn't work more for Harey Kurtzman as he obviously admred him and they were (sort of) friend as well. His answer was shocking: he would have wanted to butt didn't occur to him to ask. It's only later that he discovered that he got an assignment every time he went out to dinner with Harvey: "I should have taken him out more," is all he could say.