Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Block It, Buster!

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Regular visitors know of my love for the work of Ray Bailey. A forgotten figure, the one time assistant of Milt Caniff is one of the best (and most faithfull) of the Caniff imitators in the field. He had two succesful strips of his own, Bruce Gentry and Tom Carnbett, both of which I have shown liberally. One of the rarest Bailey items to get is the 1945 information booklet Blockbusters for oil. I don't think it's because of rarity, because I see it quite often. But always, the seller wants to have a really high price for it and only showing the outside, it is a lot of money to spend on a gamble. Luckily, one seller recently photographed the insides as well, so at least you know what you are getting. Not as exciting as some of the information booklets I have seen (check my site for those of Lou Fine, Dan Barry and George Roussos), but at least it is completely in strip form. here are the photos for this seller. If I ever get it, I will show you the real thing.

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