Sunday, August 09, 2015

War Is Hell (But Necessary) Addendum

Some New Insights

I see the postings as a work in progress. Since I do them daily, I feel free to write what I know and come back to a subject if I find something new. Looking into a war series I had not yet combed through I found two more early Hank CHapman war stories of a totally different nature than the negative stories I have highlighted here. I knew he wrote straightforward 'go and kill the bastards' stories from late 1952, when the tide seems to have turned in Korea. And certainly his war stories for DC later in the decade were not as peesimistic as the ones I have shown here. But still, I assumed an inner need to write these stories, a struglle with the essence of war itself. These two realy stories from Combat Kelly seem to disprove that. Combat Kelly (and Combat Casey after it) were two titles Chapman wrote from 1953 and they were filled with unnuanced (and often jingoistic) Gung Ho stories. Not realizing Combat Kelly had started as early as late 1951, I looked and found two early Chapman stories in #3, written right in the middle of his most negative period at the other titles. It is drawn by Joe Maneely and it is intreesting to see Chapman used many of his documentary techniques here as well. I do not know where to place them in his oeuvre, but that is no reason not to share them.

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