Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dark Night Over London

Friday Comic Book Day.

Now that Bill Finger is going to get his deserved credit for his contributions to the Batman mythis (as the first writer and man who came up with most of the ideas surrounding the caped crusader), I will not be pushing for a similar credit for Jerry Robinson. But it is a fact that his dark moody work on the first few years of the strip (interpreting Bob Kane's layouts with George Roussos as his inker) set the tone and made it the popular strip it was. He also clains to have thought up the Joker although my understanding is that was more of a group effort. Anyway, the early years of Batman are well reprinted (and hard to come by online), so here is a similarely moody piece he did for another company at the time. If you follow the label, you will also find some of is solo his Alfred stories, which were never reprinted but hard to come by because of the high price those Batman books fetch and the reluctance of most scan sites to use DC material.

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