Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Lots of Fung

Wednesday Advertising Day.

A couple of newly scanned oddball ads. The first one seems to be by Dik Browne in a different style than his usual one. The princess has his unique look, though. The Dumb Dora ads are by Paul Fung and delightful as ever. I showed one more in color and a couple of Paul Fung's other ads in previous posts. I also added two of those in black and white.

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John on the Sunset Coast said...

Mijnheer Apeldoorn--Shredded Ralston is still available (at least in USA), but is known now as Wheat Chex. Shredded Ralston was a sponsor of the Tom Mix radio show in the 1940s, but I don't know if it was advertised in the Tom Mix comic book.
John Hindsill