Monday, September 07, 2015

The Duke Of Marm

Monday Cartoon Day.

I just read that cartoonist Brad Anderson has died at the age of 91. He is best known for his daily panel Marmaduke, which he started in 1954. But before that he did a lot of cartooning for all sorts of mid range magazines. Ever after the Great Dane was born, he continued doing cartoons for a long time. He also did a weekly strip called Grandpa's Boy, which he did for a very long time as well. I had collected some of those earlier, so I am glad to share them now, while I am preparing some of his cartoon work.

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rnigma said...

The strip was distributed by Al Smith Features, which supplied strips to small-town weeklies and "shopper" papers (similar to H.T. Elmo's Lincoln Features). Their other strips included "Rural Delivery" by Smith, "Grubby" by Warren Sattler (who later worked for the National Lampoon), and a continuation of "Napoleon and Uncle Elby" created by Clifford McBride.