Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Power Of Cartooning

Wednesday Illustration Day.

Chuck Mazoujian was one of the early comic book artists. He joined the Eisner/Iger shop and after the split, he went with Eisner. Between 1940 and 1941 he drew Lady Luck. After that, he joined the army (either drafted or volonteering), beating Eisner by half a year. The first item here picks up the story.

While in the army, Will Eisner used his experiences as a comic book artist to create cartoons in his camp newspaper, The Aberdeen Flying Bomb. He went on to work on several magazines for the Ordnance branche of the army, most notably Army Motors, where he became the editor as well as the chief illustrator. But before that, he also did illustrations and even short stories for another Ordnance magazine called Firepower. I have all of those and want to make a pdf of their complte contents. Like Army Motors they are scarce and like that magazine, he was the editor for a while as well. So that is a nice chunck of his work in the army. As I was scanning I came across this illustrated article from one of the earlier issues of Firepower. How or why Eisner came in contact with Mazoujian again I don't know, but at least for once he was able to use his talents again.

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