Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Unknown Terrekitory

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I have been so busy getting you some of Bud Sagendorf's early Popeye Sundays, that I haven't been able to share the Tom Sims written Bela Zaboly Sunday I found here and there inbetween. It is funny to see the maid character used by him in the last few weeks of the strip appear almost identical in the early forties. Those last strips were written by Ralph Stein, but huge parts of it look as if he drew it as well. So much is not known about this 15+ year intermediate run of the strip... at least by me.

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Tom Falco said...

Ha, love these. I was just thinking this morning of the old black and white Popeye films, I wasn't a fan of the color ones, but the originals were so great.