Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Inbetweeners

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Here are some black and white ads I have been wanting to share for some time.

The Campbell's ad looks as if it could be by jack Betts, only a bit more realistic. Maybe a collaboration? The Tootsie ad is one in a long, long series that just has never been listed anywhere properly. I hope my leaving them here willy nilly will someday help someone compile a titled list. The Dr, Lyon's and Kylonos ads are by the great Frank Robins. I have more and in color if you follow the link. The Smith Brothers ad is either by Gill Fox or Dik Browne and the Pepsi Cops Ad is by Mal Eaton, one in a long line of artist to take over the series from Rube Goldberg.

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