Friday, November 13, 2015

Against Type

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Here is a curious story. Around this time Mort Meskin had started working for DC and had less time to spend for his old bosses at Prize. Jack Kirby and Joe Simon were still producing the stories there, although I am not quite sure what their involvement exactly was. Jack kirby was certainly drawing a lot of stories, more than Mort Meskin t some point. Our next installment from Young Romance #68 is a weird duck. It starts out as a Mort Meskin story, but after two pages he seems to be gone. Maybe this is one of those stories he could not finish and maybe even it is a story layed out by Jack Kirby. The first two pages could be by Meskin himself, but there are some Kirby touches in the staging, like the last panel in the first page. After that another artist (or artists) take over, but the staging becomes even more Kirby like. On the last page, the girl even turns into one of those Kirby dames, that are supposed to have been based on Kirby's wife Roz' built. The first story is more straightforward Meskin material.

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Famac said...

Some of this second story looks like Ditko in places.