Sunday, November 15, 2015

Filling In The Blanks

Saturday Leftover Day.

Last week I showed what I had of Joe Kubert's Green Barets. Since then I found a long run of Sundays at Pellucidar blog. These are mainly later samples, when it seems the strip was nog longer created as a three tier strip which could be built into a tabloid, but as a two tier strip which could only be built into a three quarter tabloid - or would there have been a third/fourth tier with 'facts' that could be dropped (like the later pages of Tom Corbett had)? Green Berets is a popular series on the web, by the way. This same set of Sunday was also repeated on the Golden Age Site blog, so close to the earkier one that I am not even sure who was first (or if they both got it from the same, third, source). There are also posts on Stev Thompson's My Favorite year and others.

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