Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Inventive Stories

Sunday Meskin Measures.

No Mort Meskin story this time. Instead I have two stories from Young Romance #71 that seem to be inventory from the romance line of MikeRoss, the company that was founded by Andru Ross and Mike Esposito and went bankrupt after publishing two 3D romance titles. The second of these stories is clearly from Ross Andru, the first seems to have been layed out by him or done by an artist in his style. The artist in question may be Martin Rosenthall, who inked several Andru stories for their Mad imitation Get Lost as Thall. In an interview a couple of years ago, Rosenthall devulged he had invested in the company as well. But there is no evidence he did morte than inkng and his personal style (when he did work for Stan Lee's Atlas) is quite different.

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jhegenbe said...

Several of the images on pages 5 & 6 0f the second story remind me strongly of Frazetta.