Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Have You Ever Been to A Men's Gym?

Wednesday Advertising Day.

The illustrators style in comics that has been made great by artists such as Alex Raymond, Stan Drake, Leonard Starr, Alex Kotzky, Lou Fine, Tom Scheuer and Neal Adams seems to have started with actual illustrators doing commercial work where they had to 'invent' a line drawing style to capture their painted work. As late as the sixties illusrators were still doing this type of stuff for ads, creating a comic booky look that often makes you wonder who this comic artist is and why he isn't better know. In most cases, it is not a comic book artist, though, but an illustrator working in that style.

In this ad we see the full force of this effect in play. As similar to comic strip art as it is, I don't think the artist itself is in fact a well know comic artist. In addition, the ad is interesting for it's content. It's like the scenes with the pilot and the kid in the movie Airplane, but completely serious.

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