Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lost In The Woods

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

It was Alan Holtz who first alerted me to the fact that the first few eeks of my favorite fifties satorical comedy strip Long Sam were probably not drawn by Bob Lubbers but by Frank Frazetta. I found the first Sunday as well which sort of proved the Frazatta connection and we came to the conclusion that there probaby was a presentation set by Frazetta consisting of one or two Sundays (I never found that second Sunday) and three weeks of dailies. Although the Sunday may have been inked by Frazetta, the dailies certainly weren't, leaving room for the idea that Lubbers might have inked them before taking over the strip when it was sold. Frazetta remained with Al Capp as a penciller for the rest of the decade. When I first worked this out, I showed those first few weeks. Since then I semmed to have cliped them a seond time and I present those clippings here again, along with a couple of more weeks that show Bob Lubbers taking over and making the strip his own.

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