Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Temptations Of Vaseline

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Today two classics of the genre. The Rusty and Dusty Ad series ran for a lont time between the mid forties and mid fifties. They are said to be drawn by Elmer Wexler, at least part of his portfolio at the Johnstone and Cushing agency. There are two formats, suing the same basic panels for a two tier version and a three tier one. If the two tier version was used, it usually was to include the Trouble Twins ad, which for a long time was drawn by Dik Browne (which partially lead him to getting the Hia dn Lois assignment). The 1956 sample of that strip may have been drawn by Bill Williams who took some of Browne's series when he go too busy wth Hi and Lois. On the other hand, he may have kept the lucrative ad work as a sideline. Both strips I have shown before and if you will folow the link you will see more.

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rodineisilveira said...

The Vaseline brand is known here in Brazil, Latin America and Europe as Vasenol.
This brand belonged to Pond's; and nowadays it belongs to Unilever.