Saturday, January 02, 2016

Frankenstein And Other Distractions

Saturday Leftover Day.

Looking for the Mel Graff Patsy dailies I shared last Thursday, I discovered I still had a set of later Patsy Sunday that I hadn't shared yet. From the mid forties the strip was drawn by Bill Dyer (different from Bill Dwyer, although I do mix them up simetimes). Compared to Graff (and later Charles Raab assisted by Noel Sickles) his version of the strip was neither as exciting nor as well drawn. But his storylines do have a certain charm of their own and I have shred some of them. Where he shone in my believe, was in the Sundays. Much more silly than the original (and infinitely better than the Pollyanna version by a different artist in the mid forties), it has great one page gags and infectuously happy graphics. There is even a hint of satire, which I always like.

I apparently saved the wrong version of the first scan, which allows you to see what I have to start with.

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